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Stools & Benches


from 240.00

This stunning, sturdy product comes in every height and style. Some of its many jobs include night stand, end-table or stool- may be constructed as a foot stool, 18 stool, "24 stool or "30 stool by hand in our studio.

Available in the following styles

Black & Tan, Bohemian, Bohemian Chic, Hodge Podge (not pictured)

Foot stool W 18 H 12 D 19 $220 

18" Stool  W 18 H 18 D 19 $240

24" Stool  W 18 H 24 D 19 $250

30" Stool  W 18 H 30 D 19 $280

24"–30" counter stool with shelf. +$100
Convert your counter stool to an in table or not stand by adding the shelf BoHo pictured

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18x12x19 Kol. foot stool.JPG
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18x24x19 boho stool.JPG
18x30x19 stool boho chic.JPG
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